ISO TC184/SC4  has developed the technology for digital product data representation and exchange that is represented by a family of International Standards.  The range of some of the applications of this technology in several areas of advanced engineering is indicated in the selection of standards and links in the list shown below.  All of the parts of ISO 10303 standards use common sections of information models to describe requirements that are common throughout engineering.  They illustrate how the basic technology is extendable to cope with new requirements and show how the needs for interoperability and data conservation  are common across all industrial sectors.

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The scope of applications of

SC4 Standards

SC4 Implementation Forum -support and advice for users and potential user of SC4 standards
ISO 10303-203: Representation of 3D CAD - the first ISO 10303 standard to be implemented in every commercial 3D CAD software, also known as STEP (Standard for the Exchange of Product data).
ISO 10303-209: Composite and metallic structural analysis and related design -  for FEA and CFD data, developed and used by Lockheed Martin aerospace.
ISO 10303-210: Electronic assembly, interconnection, and packaging design.
ISO 10303-223 Exchange of design and manufacturing information for cast parts.
ISO 10202-227: Plant spatial configuration -  developed for chemical process plant but used for design of nuclear plant in South Korea and in ship building by the US Navy
ISO 10303-214: Core data for automobile mechanical design processes - the core technology used by the German auto industry but applicable to any engineered assembly.
ISO 10303-233: Systems engineering - defines the context, scope and information requirements for the stages during the design of a system.
ISO 10303-235: Engineering properties for product design and verification - represents materials information and engineering and scientific properties measured by any method.
ISO 10303-238: Application interpreted model for computerised numerical controllers (STEP-NC) - supports high-value manufacturing, implemented in Siemens machine controllers with ISO 13399.
ISO 10303-239: Product life cycle support (PLCS) - supports the maintenance or modification of any complex engineered structure, supported by NATO.
ISO 10303-242: Managed model-based 3D engineering - the latest development of the technology as a common standard for both auto and aerospace sectors .
ISO 13584: Parts libraries - classification of products, processes and their properties.  Supports dictionaries for ISO 10303-214, ISO 10303-235 and ISO 13399.
ISO 13399: Cutting tool data representation and communication - information model for the assembly of modern cutting tools with dictionary to define terms and properties.
ISO 15926: Integration of life-cycle data for process plants including oil and gas production facilities
LOTAR Project: Long term archiving and retrieving of product data - collaboration between auto and aerospace to use ISO 10303 standards in the OAIS archiving framework.