Ferroday Limited was incorporated in April 1993 to develop methods of integrating computer representations of materials information with software systems for engineering design and analysis.  The Directors of the Company combine world class materials knowledge with world class software engineering capability.  

The main achievements of the Company have to been to develop two International Standards for the computer representation of materials and other engineering properties as a contribution to the global project for product data representation managed by the International Organization for Standards (ISO TC184/SC4) since 1984:

Ferroday Ltd has demonstrated the capabilities of these standards in several European and industrial projects.   ISO 10303-45 is used for the representation of materials properties in the new ISO 10303-242 standard being developed as a joint project of the aerospace and automobile industries. We advised Sandvik Coromant on the development of ISO 13399 ‘Cutting tools data representation and exchange’ and edited several parts of this standard.  The December issue of the ISO Focus magazine for 2007 includes an article describing ISO 13399. We recently contributed to the development of BS 8905: ‘Framework for the Sustainable Use of Materials - Guidance’ that includes an Annexe that describes the benefits of the ISO standards developed by ISO TC184/SC4.

British Patent GB 2336430 B ‘Methods and apparatus for recycling’ is owned by Ferroday Ltd and applies the combination of computer-readable tags and standardised information representation to the recycling of products.  Engisis S.r.l. is an associated company that provides resources and services for interoperability for PLM systems.

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